Prostitution history

History of prostitutionLikely each of us ever heard that prostitution historically is considered the most ancient craft, but it is only a steady turn of speech. Nevertheless, prostitution was present and is present at all ancient and modern cultures, in each of which there was the relation to this craft. All these cultures are united that prostitution was always called the activity connected with rendering services of sexual character to persons who are not to girls either spouses, or friends, or acquaintances for material or any other remuneration.


Can be engaged in prostitution, both women, and men. Of course, if to address history, then women were engaged in this type of rendering services more often, and males were their clients. In ancient times prostitution very often had homosexual character.


Prostitution development stages


In ancient times existence of women of easy virtue confirms Kodeks Hammurapi of 17 century BC where the rights of women including loose women were protected. It is considered that before emergence of usual prostitution there were hospitable also its ritual types.


According to Judaic laws, occupations by prostitution were strictly forbidden, but mentions of "loose women" is present at the Old Testament. The first brothels were based at the Athenian Solon who imposed a tax on earning money by prostitution. Slaves worked in such brothels most often, and seamen, dealers and single men used their services.


In Rome if the woman chose for herself occupation as prostitution, she had to ask on this permission for magistrates. Then she was entered in the list of prostitutes, and she automatically lost all the rights. Such prostitutes had to put on in clothes of yellow color and red footwear.


With arrival of Christianity prostitution still existed, images of the repentant loose women, such as Mary Magdalene were popular. Married men and priests could not use services of fallen women. When brothels became the centers of epidemic of syphilis and other diseases, prostitution began to lose the popularity. After the beginning of active spread of venereal diseases in 17 century of women of easy virtue began to register and established behind them medical and police supervisions. Constantly tried to fight against prostitution, but it is ineffectual.


The present


Now prostitution is also considered the social evil decomposing traditional and family values. Prostitution gained active development especially since 1970. After reorganization work of the currency prostitute became one of the desirablest a kind of activity at many girls. Now prostitution is in huge demand among men, therefore, and girls of easy behavior appeared very much and for every taste. And the city of Lyubertsy is not an exception. Find the woman, suitable for intimate meetings, the man can in Internet open spaces, for example on the website MosDosug. These passionate women of easy virtue not only excellent mistresses, but also beautiful interlocutors with whom it is not even a shame to seem on public. Except services of traditional sex, the following services enjoy special popularity:



Men always liked to spend time in the company of dissolute beauties, and now everything remained still. Only now prostitutes should not be looked for in brothels and in dark lanes, it is possible to choose the girl without leaving the house, it is rather simple to have Internet access.