Prostitutes from the metro station Pionerskaya

Approaching the subway to the station "Pioneer" to passengers over thirty years rolls irresistible wave of nostalgia. Those distant good times, when the school devoted to the pioneers. It is no longer what it used to. But many of the high school boys dreamed of having sex with a classmate in school uniform. Someone managed to such an event, and someone and left it in my dreams.


Life passes quickly and boring if procrastinate all your dreams and desires. The Soviet Union no longer exists, students have long grown up and make their own food and other things. But there was an indispensable tool for leisure, called the Internet. Any man from Moscow could visit the site "MosDosug" and in a quiet home environment to view profiles and photos of moths that can carry out the most cherished dreams especially in terms of sex. There are girls on the site who are willing to agree to play with the client in role-playing games. Here you can show imagination in full. There are options along the main and images for prostitutes, such as:


  • nymphet schoolgirl in the form of pioneer in the little white stockings with bows on braids,
  • hospital nurse in a short white robe with a deep cut on his chest and under his clothes black underwear,
  • girl from police in a form-fitting blouse with the top buttons undone, and his feet barely covers her miniskirt,
  • Snow Maiden, and here there are two options of clothing, traditional Russian dress and red lingerie-style Santa Claus.


Such an interesting and unique sex without any problems, you can get as near the station "Pioneer", and in other apartments in Moscow. After a stunned extravaganza will be new dreams, such as sex with two prostitutes at the same time.