Prostitutes from the metro station Shodnenskaya

A typical day simple man from Moscow consists of work and family life. Over time, work tired, but she did not give up, because the salary is not bad, and difficult to change (to poor workplace all become accustomed). Family life over the years pleases less. Children grow quickly, and his wife as before, but would like to have sex with her not as often as before or it does not (here each in its own way).


That man returned home from work, and on Saturday the wife takes the kids and leaves for the weekend to my mother. Normal family man let households easy because craves rest. Good value for the laborer is often associated with consummate sex.


Lovely site "MosDosug" with questionnaires prostitutes near the home of the client, for example, near the metro station "Skhodnenskaya." Here excited male chooses a girl, but he craves above all diversity:


  • Great, someone who rarely get in life is free to try sex with two girls at the same time, because not everyone is ready for such experiments, but all the guys want to know what kind of feeling;
  • deep blowjob, wife will not agree to this except for a steep businessman or an oligarch, but still every guy likes to be the principal organ of pleasuring passionate lips;
  • Anal sex is also forbidden fruit for most married the stronger sex, but feel like a "bayonet" is a hole between the two elastic round hips want many who did not make it earlier.


This is not the full list of services provided by professional whores in the "Shodnenskaya", only the main part, although there are more daring distorted versions. Customers monotonous after marital sex will be happy, and this is possible because they will feel like real men.