Intimate lounges of Moscow


Pick station

Brothels of Moscow are famous for the debauchery and luxury for a long time. Here the bared maidens serve generous misters and with big enthusiasm carry out all their sexual whims. Dissolute performances as a lesbian show, a striptease, in sight masturbation will be able "to warm up" lust of all guests. It will be possible to have sex directly in a lobby in the face of all or to retire with magnificent beauties to cozy apartments.


Why capital intim salons is daily visited by crowds of men


Fine rosaries of love where there are a lot of delightful nymphets, the favourite vacation spot of many Muscovites and guests of the capital. Here it is possible to receive a full relax, to forget about all everyday difficulties and to satisfy all the erotic imaginations. What is characteristic:


  • All your love affairs will remain in a deep secret, even any smallest detail will never leave a wall of a dissolute institution.
  • You will not be peeled as to a linden, and will offer quite reasonable price list, even on those love pranks which more do not offer anywhere.
  • Will wait for the visit of you again and again again to strike with hospitality and to accord warm welcome. Intim salons value each client and render the European service of service according to the highest category.


It is necessary visiting intim salons to each man at least once in life. However doors of these public institutions are open not only for lewd males. Here wait for the visit also of lovely ladies who want to satisfy the lust in embraces of lovely whores or to participate in a large-scale group orgy when they are had by both men, and women without the slightest shadow of constraint on full.


Quite good romanticism for married couple


It is possible to visit intim elephants and with the soulmate. It is the excellent idea to vanish and refresh the former passion. For both spouses there will be wonderful intimate entertainments here. To the husband can offer for a warming up royal guttural blowjob, the wife - remarkable to kuna performed by the charming whore then it will be possible to pass to more serious carnal joys and to try a strap-on, double penetration, anal sex. Besides, at will it is possible to choose:



You can offer also the scenario for a romantic appointment in cozy apartments intim of salons in which parts for charming courtesans will be assigned. Girls will play perfectly, will be able even to repeat encore for an additional fee, you will precisely be satisfied and will leave the dissolute place in full sexual satisfaction.


How to find a good brothel


Information on the best capital intim salons is collected on the popular Russian portal of Mosdosug. Here print announcements only the checked institutions which provide excellent service and guarantee quality of intimate joys. You can get acquainted in absentia with everyone intim salon and choose the best option, proceeding from the requirements, material resources and flavoring preferences. Decide on the choice quicker, and enjoy extraterrestrial pleasure which all offer intim salons of the megalopolis!